Nikola Tesla Secret is a SCAM??

Nikola Tesla Secret is a SCAM?? Actually, This Tesla Radiant Energy theory is not a scam and it is actually working as I demonstrated in the main page. Trust me, it really works. I started a small scale Tesla’s Radiant Energy Generator and I tried it on my hand phone (as tried in the video), emergency lamp and it’s actually working. During my second stage of this experiment using Tesla’s Radiant Energy, I tried to run a water heater that consumes bigger power and I would need larger scale of the system. Yes it can! I could imagine how much I could save if I build larger scale of Tesla’s free energy generator and attached in my home. I will help with electricity bill a lot.

But when I found that “Nikola Tesla Secret is a scam” from people who complain about this new alternate energy. I think that guy never had tried this theory or they just want to boycott this new alternate electricity sources. There must be some probability that it might come from electrical companies because if this theory used widely throughout the world, this big companies might suffer a big losses.

Tesla is a great man had already patented 100 of his invention in his life and he is a freaking mad scientist in his age and actually he had already contributed lots in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Actually if he doesn’t exist, you might not have this kind of technology today.

That’s the kind of nonsense I read on the internet, I mean why would you complain if you found something good? You wouldn’t right? You would do some investigation to learn more to see how effective it may be.

I would like to recommend that you need to do your own investigation rather than blindly believing to this nonsense rumors. As from my experienced and experiment, this theory is the best theory that surely will help us in generating 100% free electricity. Try it yourself.

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